Monday, 17 October 2016

The Record Price of Satellite Rights for Baahubali 2 (Hindi version)

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For those who want to opt to watch Baahubali 2 via satellite can rest assured since this movie is no having the dwellings. The satellite rights of Baahubali 2 have finally been sold at a price of Rs 51 crore plus tax. These rights are sold to Sony Entertainment Television. Of course these rights are sold at record price. The upcoming movie which is directed by SS Rajamouli has started making headlines in international mass media sites.

The creators of the movie Baahubali 2 gladly stated that the rights of satellite for Hindi version of the movie have been sold to Sony Entertainment TV. As mentioned before, it is a record. And it is indeed the highest price of satellite rights in the Indian country ever. It is not exaggerating to call this as massive amount. Based on the trusted source, it is the highest price for the TV rights of any India regional movie. And this record will probably never happen again anytime soon. Well, the reason is pretty obvious. There are many big Indian movies but there might be few which can beat Baahubali 2 when it comes to the satellite rights.

In the other side, it is also one of the most expensive original Hindi films. Despite the insane number of the price, Baahubali: the Conclusion indeed deserves special attention from movie lovers. The movie which is directed by SS Rajamouli has such huge frenzy recently. There is always a source of fire. The first installment of Baahubali, for instance, earned huge amount of money even before the release. Although the huge thing like Rs 51 crore plus tax is seldom to happen, some critics are not surprised with this happening. In fact, they have actually expected from before the trailer was finished. This is indeed the huge thing for the movie makers. In the previous installment, Baahubali: The Beginning satellite rights was sold to Star India for Rs 45 crore. That was awesome number.

There is also report that the creators of the movie has initiated to demand Rs 50 crore for international distribution rights. This is of course the sensation in the Bollywood. It sets another record in the pre-release movie world. Sony as the winner of the rights can make decent ways from now on. As for information along with the sensation, the First Look Poster and the First Making Video of the movie will be released on 22nd this month. The Baahubali 2 is set to release on April 28, 2017.

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